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Where do you put your phone while driving? How do you use your smartphone without putting yourself and people around you at risk? These questions were on the mind of the founder of The Stick Company when he was driving through London a few years ago.

That small yet pressing issue sparked an idea and eventually led to the creation of The Stick Company in 2017. The decision to use a magnet holder with a flexible wire inspired countless new ways of engaging with various gadgets and ensured healthier and easier ways to participate in favorite activities.

Alexander Senatorov always stayed on the cutting edge of technology and trends, having worked in investment and music industries prior to founding The Stick Company in 2017. His unmatched passion and creativity helped him build a loyal team of likeminded professionals, who use hands-on approach to keep your hands free.

There is nothing complicated about a magnet or a flexible wire. Yet both are incredibly convenient. The same can be said about all of the products coming from The Stick Company. Easy to set up and impossible to abandon, these tools will change the way you use your smartphones and tablets for the better. 


Who is it for

The Stick Company appeals to all kinds of people. Are you a musician who is looking for a comfortable way to read sheet music from the screen? Or a devoted fisherman who needs to keep his phone away from the water? A fitness enthusiast who wants to keep his hands free while enjoying the music coming from your smartphone? Whoever you are, The Stick Company is there for you.

on the move

Active living



always developing

The Stick Company team is constantly working on creating new advanced technologies that will make your life a little bit easier, one savvy idea at a time. From developing wide range of customizing options to incorporating special software, the future of accessories looks bright. And you will be the one choosing the color.  

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